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1 the general activity of selling; "they tried to boost sales"; "laws limit the sale of handguns"
2 a particular instance of selling; "he has just made his first sale"; "they had to complete the sale before the banks closed"
3 the state of being purchasable; offered or exhibited for selling; "you'll find vitamin C for sale at most pharmacies"; "the new line of cars will soon be on sale"
4 an occasion (usually brief) for buying at specially reduced prices; "they held a sale to reduce their inventory"; "I got some great bargains at their annual sale" [syn: cut-rate sale, sales event]
5 an agreement (or contract) in which property is transferred from the seller (vendor) to the buyer (vendee) for a fixed price in money (paid or agreed to be paid by the buyer); "the salesman faxed the sales agreement to his home office" [syn: sales agreement]

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  1. An exchange of goods or services for currency or credit.
    He celebrated after the sale of company.
  2. A particular opportunity for a sale.
  3. The sale of goods at reduced prices.
    They are having a clearance sale: 50% off.
  4. The act of putting up for auction to the highest bidder.


exchange of goods or services for currency or credit
particular opportunity for a sale
    sales   see also plural form for activities involved in selling goods or services
sale of goods at reduced prices
act of putting up for auction to the highest bidder




  • [sal]





Old High German salo

Verb form

  1. first-, third-person singular indicative present of saler
  2. first-, third-person singular subjunctive present of saler
  3. second-person singular imperative of saler


Etymology 1

From Latin sal (salt)


  1. salt, sal

Etymology 2


  1. Plural of sala

Verb form

  1. third-person singular indicative present tense of salire


Verb form

  1. To saddle (attach a saddle to the horse)



es-verb-form salir

Extensive Definition

Sale may refer to:
  • Sale, discounts and allowances in the prices of goods, such as:
    • Fire sale, a drastic discount in prices
    • Loan sale, a sale under contract of all or part of the cash stream from a specific loan
    • Closeout, the final sale of an item or items to zero inventory
  • BOC Aviation, formerly Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise (SALE)
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abalienation, alienation, amortization, amortizement, assignation, assignment, available, bargain and sale, barter, bazaar, bequeathal, buying, cession, closing-out sale, conferment, conferral, consignation, consignment, conveyance, conveyancing, deeding, deliverance, delivery, demise, disposal, disposition, distress sale, enfeoffment, exchange, flea market, garage sale, giving, going-out-of-business sale, in stock, inventory-clearance sale, lease and release, marked down, marketing, on the block, on the market, purchase, purchasing, rummage sale, selling, settlement, settling, surrender, tax sale, trade, trading, traffic, trafficking, transaction, transfer, transference, transmission, transmittal, up for sale, vending, vesting, white elephant sale, yard sale
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